Doorstep Banking

Now, Business clients and Institutional clients can enjoy the convenience of availing the essential banking services from the comfort of their home and office.

Features of Our Doorstep Banking Services

As part of Doorstep Banking service, you can avail the following

Average monthly balance

Cash Pickup from your
Home or Office

Attractive interest rates

Cash Delivery to your
Home or Office

Multi City Cheque

Cheque/Document pickup from
your Home or Office

All doorstep banking services like pickup/delivery of cash are secured through our empaneled Cash in Transit agency.

Benefits of Our Doorstep Banking Services

Convenient: With the ability to access essential banking services for your business from your home or office, you can enjoy significant time and effort savings.

Flexible: With Unity Bank, you can either
  • schedule a regular, recurring frequency of doorstep banking services, called ‘Beat’ service. This is perfect if your business requires daily cash transactions.
  • Schedule the service as and when required, called ‘On Call’ service.

Accessible: Our doorstep banking service is available across all Unity Bank Branch locations.

Considerate: Doorstep banking services for Senior citizens, as well as differently abled and physically infirm persons are available at no extra cost.

Eligibility Criteria for Doorstep Banking

You will need to have a Current account or Savings account with Unity Bank for availing Doorstep banking services

Documentation Required

Application form for Doorstep Banking
Deed of Undertaking cum Indemnity

Wish to apply for Doorstep Banking?

Doorstep banking registration process can be initiated through any of the following channels:

Average monthly balance

Dedicated Relationship Manager

If you are an existing customer, your Relationship Manager can help you applying for Doorstep Banking service.

Attractive interest rates


Walk into the nearest Unity branch, and you will be assisted to apply for the doorstep banking service.

Multi City Cheque

Customer care

Call us on 1800-209-1122 or email us at our query, and we will guide you.

Service charges for Doorstep Banking Services

For doorstep banking charges, please contact your Relationship Manager or walk into Unity Bank branch for further details.


What is Doorstep Banking?

Doorstep Banking services allow users to access banking services without the need to visit a branch. They aim to provide financial services conveniently at customer’s doorsteps. This service is especially beneficial for consumers whose businesses involve high cash transactions or significant cheque collections.

Who is Eligible for Doorstep Banking?

Any Unity Bank Current Account holder is eligible for Doorstep Banking services.

Is doorstep banking service available near me?

*Click here to check the list of Branches / locations that are Doorstep-banking serviceable.

Is doorstep banking safe?

Yes, all the cash pickup and deliveries are secured by our empaneled ‘Cash in Transit’ agency.

How much cash can I deposit / withdraw through doorstep banking?

A minimum of Rs 50,000 or more can be deposited / withdrawn.