supply chain finance

Supply Chain Finance Solutions to Overcome Your Working Capital Challenges

Our Supply Chain Solutions provide MSMEs and large corporates, credit to overcome any working capital challenges. We customize our offerings to offer credit across different structures such as Invoice Discounting, Receivables Finance, etc. to ensure that your business cycle continues without any break. Our clients include large corporates, pan India dealers and vendors.

Key Differentiators

Instant conversion of receivables into cash

Faster Turnaround Times (TAT)

Dedicated relationship managers

Digitized and transparent process

PAN India Presence

Loan Structure & Types

1. Vendor Financing

Vendors are an essential component of the supply chain system. We offer specific Vendor Financing Schemes, to ensure all elements of the supply chain remain adequately capitalized, leading to minimal disruptions. Our structures tend to be revolving and of short tenures, leading to early repayments, with lower cost of capital and improved cash flows.

2. Dealer Financing

Like vendors, distributors and dealers too form an important link in the supply chain network. Our Dealer Financing schemes provide need-based financial assistance in the form of revolving and short-term loans, enhancing liquidity and providing a hassle-free repayment structure.

3. Pre-Shipment Finance

We offer finance to cover the working capital needs of the seller, for procurement of raw materials, labour, packing costs, and other pre-shipment expenses. We offer customized structures against purchase orders (confirmed by buyer or unconfirmed), demand forecasts or underlying commercial contracts.

4. Post Shipment Finance

Exporters often face a time lag between shipment and payment. We offer short-term finance to cover any shortfall in liquidity requirements in exports.