Unity Bank Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit (FD) - Enjoy High FD Interest Rates

Saving for your child's education, that long awaited holiday or just have surplus funds ? Unity Small Finance bank offers offer Term deposits, which are safe, yet offer attractive interest rates.


Our Fixed Deposits offer the perfect avenue to invest and save for your future.

Safe & Risk Free

Safe & risk free

Assured returns on investment, irrespective of volatile market conditions.

Attractive Interest Rates

Attractive interest rates

Enjoy high interest rates and achieve your goals faster.

Flexible amounts

Flexible Amounts

Start a Fixed deposit for as low as ₹1000/-.

Senior Citizen Benefits

Senior Citizen Benefits

Senior Citizens earn additional 0.5%* p.a..

Flexible Tenures

Flexible tenures

Ranging from 7 days to 10 years.

Flexible Interest Withdrawals

Flexible interest withdrawal

Interest payouts monthly, quarterly or on maturity. It's your choice.

Overdraft Facility

Overdraft Facility

Avail an overdraft facility against your FD for immediate liquidity

*Rates are subject to change

Eligibility Criteria to open FD

a) Residents Indians.

b) Hindu Undivided Families (HUF).

c) Sole Proprietorship Firms.

d) Trust Accounts.

e) Limited Companies.

FD Interest Rates

Fixed deposits rate for Individual & Senior citizens Click here


1. What is a Fixed Deposits?

A Fixed Deposit (FD) is an investment avenue that offers safe and secure returns in the form of interest. You can invest a certain amount of money for a fixed period and earn interest at regular intervals, either during that period or at maturity, i.e. at the end of the period.

2. Who all are eligible to open a Fixed Deposit account?

Our eligibility criteria is very flexible. Be it a resident individual, a senior citizen, or a member of HUF, private or public limited companies, partnership firms.

3. What is the minimum amount and maximum amount I can deposit in a Fixed deposit?

You can start with minimum amount of Rs. 1,000/- . There isn't any maximum limit for the Fixed deposits. However, if you wish to invest above Rs. 2 crores, please reach out to the nearest branch manager for the latest applicable interest rates.

4. What is the minimum and maximum tenure of investment in Fixed Deposit account?

While the minimum tenure of a Fixed Deposit is seven days, the maximum tenure can go up to 10 years.

5. Is overdraft facility available on Fixed deposits?

Yes, you can get an overdraft facility against your Fixed Deposit, which you can avail of without breaking the Fixed Deposit.