About the Brand

Our Vision

Unity Small Finance Bank is committed to making financial inclusion a reality for Indians, by ensuring access and ease of banking for all - including the unbanked and the underserved. We aspire to build best-in-class and new age banking products that can cater to a diverse set of customers as well as small businesses. Leveraging the best-in-class technology, Unity strives to become India’s first truly digital bank that will totally transform the way banking is done in India

In line with this vision, the brand name ‘Unity’ stands for one – inspired by the thought of


UNITY - Brand Identity


The conviction of ‘ONE’ is perfectly captured in the thoughtfully-designed logo, which uses the alphabet ‘U’ from the word Unity.


The horizontal lines symbolize people holding hands – indicating the brand’s people-centric approach. It also highlights the coming together of all Indians, through financial inclusion to create a strong unified society and nation.


The Hashtag symbolizes a dual visual strategy - the convergence of technology and the bringing together of people, thereby reflecting customer centricity.